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On January 16, 2008 this broadcaster is canceling his broadcast after almost four years.  However, I am leaving a playlist of over 750 songs that VIP members can still tune in.      


1954: The Golden Year of Popular Music:
It was All About Love, Folks!  Pop music reached its zenith in 1954, the same year that America's first rock and roll tune, Rock Around the Clock, made its debut.   Don Robertson

Pop Music's "golden decade", from the fall of the Big bands to the rise of Rock and Roll (1946-1955) was a sound track to the returning veterans world war II. The male and female singers, the ensemble vocal groups and the orchestras and arrangers made this 10 years the Golden Era of pop songs. Lean back, close your eyes, and remember a time of pony tails, pleated skirts, penny loafers and music you could sing along with. "Class of 1954" hosts the sounds of the time, at that place where the 20th Century Limited crosses Route 66 at a place called Tuxedo Junction, and everybody is . . . . . . . forever young.

Gone are the days when you could turn on your radio to your favorite station and listen to tunes and artists from the late '40's and early '50s.  

Even today when you find a CD of 50's music, it is normally early rock or do-wop from the last half of the 50's.  

To  me, 50's music consists of artists like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, June Christy, Frankie Laine, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Rosemary Clooney, Guy Mitchell and many others that got their start in the '40's (some in the '30's).  The big bands were still around and still provided dance music but mostly became backup for the singers.  You may even hear some artists you have forgot about.  While the great majority of music on the station are recordings from the States, I have a number of artists from other countries with some great songs. 

The top 100 recordings from 1950 through 1954 are featured on "Class of 1954" along with others from the late '40's, early '50's (and a few through the late '50's if they were by artists that were popular in the previous 10 years, or by request).  I have avoided most of the early rock and the "do-wop".      The entire list  of songs playing on the station today are on the "Now Playing" page.   

The station name comes from the year I graduated from high school.   We listened to our favorite AM stations and our favorite DJ's, to songs that were sung, not shouted.   

A message board is available to discuss the music from this era.  If  you are trying to remember a name of a song, an artist or have other questions or comments, the visitors to this site might be able to help through the board.   

Quite a few of the recordings are from 78's and 45's.  So, there may be scratches that I missed here and there. There are some from cd's that have re-mastered the early recordings.

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